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Updating category axis excel

All you need to do is put the So, the formula simply takes the currently selected month, finds the row with that value in the data array, and then moves over to the column that matches the current column of the formula: Slick, huh?And, because the Report Period data validation dropdown on the Dashboard worksheet is referencing the on the Data tab, the VLOOKUP will always be able to find a matching value.Let’s call this Main Data and define it by going to Formulas » Name Manager and clicking on New (this is Excel 2007 — it’s somewhere else easier to find in Excel 2003).Define a new range with a Workbook scope that encompasses all the columns and all of the rows of data (starting at row 3): There are lots of ways to dynamically define Main Data.You can just drag a big area if you want, but this is a slightly more elegant approach.

Click in cell C3, select Data » Data Validation, choose List, and then enter the different values you want as options (I’ve used 3, 6, 9, and 12 here, but any list of integers will work): And, let’s name cell Report Range: Does this seem like a lot of work?I like to use a simple shading schema to clearly denote which cells will get updated with data and which ones never really need to be touched.And, in this example, let’s say we’ve got three different metrics that we’re updating: Revenue, Orders, and Web Visits.Click in cell C1, select Data » Data Validation, choose List, and then reference the named range of months we set up earlier, Date Selector: When you click OK, you will have a dropdown in cell C1 that contains all of the available months.This is a critical cell — it’s what we’ll use to select the date we want to key off of for reporting, and it’s what we’ll use to look up the data.

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(Note: I abhor many, many things about Excel’s default settings, but, to keep the example as familiar as possible, I’m going to leave those alone.

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