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The Navy corroborated the latter reports via email on 24 September 2017, telling us that Frida, a 7-year-old Labrador, had found 53 people during her tenure, with 12 of them being alive at the time.Are Mexico City police blocking volunteers and confiscating donations?However, 25 people at the school — including 19 children — were confirmed dead, while another 11 children suffered injuries. Reports and social media posts circulated online following the quake regarding the efforts of Frida, a Mexican Navy rescue dog that had allegedly been credited with 55 rescues.But while Frida herself does exist, other reports stated that while she has detected 52 people in her work, only 12 were alive.Friedmann also posted a picture she said was taken by her cousin inside a Mexico City pharmacy following an aftershock.We contacted Friedmann seeking further comment, but she has not replied.We contacted the Mexico City Ministry of Public Security, which oversees the police, seeking comment.Updated [22 September 2017]: Added contact information for both the Mexican Red Cross and U. State Department, as well as a note on a rumor concerning a Mexican Naval rescue dog who had been credited with 52 rescues.

Unfortunately, natural disasters at this scale also brings out misinformation and rampant rumors. Falling into that trap can be avoided by going to established channels."The deportees in the canal are living in some of the worst conditions I've ever seen," says Steffanie Strathdee, a researcher with the University of California at San Diego who's also worked along the Pakistan–Afghanistan border, Islamabad, and inner-city Baltimore."Nobody should have to live like this."The Mexican government offers only nominal assistance to recent deportees: Shelters run by the state take repatriated Mexicans in only for a couple weeks, and because many of them have no Mexican identification, finding work or accessing other services is nearly impossible.Each day hundreds of buses pull through this militarized checkpoint — as well as similar ones at Nogales, Mexicali, Juárez, and other border towns — carefully screened and logged by well-armed guards before groaning to a stop.The doors creak open, and American law enforcement officers roughly usher their human cargo — discarded by their adopted country and unwanted by their homeland — out onto the unfamiliar pavement.

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