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Exitting the Schengen area now after a long overstay would mean a longer period of waiting time without coming back. I'd say that since Ukraine is not part of the Schengen treaty, he avoided it.

I'd get the girls to my place same night but the resistance was surprisingly stubborn past the kiss.

You need to play the dating game, at least during the winter when girls aren't as horny. The girls are cute with average friendliness, are generally feminine, but can be overweight and hit or miss with their appearance. It gets a lukewarm thumbs up from me as a place I'd consider revisiting.

I haven't talked about it much because local knowledge of my whereabouts has the potential to compromise my sex research, especially since Estonians were hating on me before I arrived, something I describe more in depth at the end of this breakdown. But if the girl is thin and has a nice face, she can easily be an 8 without trying.The ratio is not too great but the girls are most friendly here out of everywhere else. Hollywood: Ladies night on Wednesday meant a great ratio. It's much better than going to the shitty bars on Suur-Karja like Shooters and Nimeta where it's 75% sausage with the few girls being generally low quality.If I was in Tallinn during the summer, I'd do nothing but street game because I guarantee the bars will be packed with obnoxious foreign dudes.So how can I justify the previous statement that I'm "neutral" with Estonia?Well, my results weren't consistent and seemed random, unlike the efficient assembly line I had in Poland. Estonia is strange in that it was 99% failures but the successes were with 8s.

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I wonder if I'm just being picky, though the problem is obviously worse in Tartu than Tallinn.

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