Backdating auto

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Backdating auto

The commission alleged that young female workers at the dealership suffered "touching, grabbing, slapping, offensive language, and other physical and verbal abuse.

One employee said a co-worker pulled her dress down in front of a customer while other women alleged they endured repeated propositioning as well as lewd comments from fellow staffers.

The EEOC has filed a sexual harassment, race discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against an auto dealer.

The customer alleged that the dealer "packed" him with accessories such as GAP Insurance, a service contract, and an alarm system, in part because the transaction was negotiated in Spanish and the customer was not given a Spanish translation of the contract as required by law.

The dealer also had the customer enter into a second contract in which they increased his Annual Percentage Rate ("APR"), monthly payment, and the cost of the same service contract he purchased in the first contract.

Customers purchased what they thought was a "new" car from a dealership.

Although they were told that the car was new, in actuality it had been previously sold to another consumer, and under the law had to be sold as used rather than new. A class action case was brought against another dealership for failing to tell consumers that the cars they were buying had previously been used as rental cars.

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The dealership also paid restitution in the amount of $2.1 million.

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