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A few pointers: By comparing your Test Case steps with the artifacts (Requirement documents, Use Cases, User Stories or Process Maps) given for your project, you can make sure that the Test Case optimally covers all the verification points.

), majority of us don’t practice it very effectively – Naming convention for Test Cases!Try to make them make as much sense they can just by looking at the test case ID or test case name! The of a test case should define “What am I going to test?” What needs to be verified, which test environment it needs to be verified in, which test data is to be used – all this information goes into description.But, if it involves a specific section on the screen which could be tricky to mention in the test step, attaching the specification documents or screen designs to that particular step helps.A well-written Test Case clearly mentions the expected result of the application or system under test.

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Incorporating some simple tips I have given here will help you master the skill of test case writing.